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Custom Loan Document Preparation

Why Us

With over 50 years of combined experience drafting customized loan documentation, Geraci Law Firm has designed loan document packages that are often considered leading in the industry. Geraci Law Firm designs documents in all 50 states and as complex or as simple as you need. Some unique loan documents have included interest reserves, partial releases, “bad boy” / fraud guaranties, complex organizational review, and even your basic loan document set.

As your partner, we know you need this to be a cost-neutral service, and therefore we can likely flat fee the project for you either to pass on to the borrower or to predict the cost.

What We Do

We draft up custom loan documentation, work with escrow and title to seamlessly move your loan to completion, overcome any title issues, and help get your loan closed. We draft documents in all 50 states with special concentration in drafting California loan documents, Florida loan documents, and Texas loan documents.

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